Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Writing Tips

Writing articles or blog posts is a critical job that should be done by Bloggers. Blogging without writing articles is like a fish without water. Bloggers share their thoughts, ideas through their writings. But, what if no-one would like to read our blog posts as its writing quality is poor? If so, I think, it is useless to becoming a blogger. That’s why it is important to make good writings in our blog posts so that our blogging objectives can be attained. Here, I’ll share my opinions on how to make a good writing.
Good writing at least includes five things: introduction, content, organization, number of words, and conclusion. Other things, such as grammar, vocabulary, as well as mechanical accuracy, can be considered important, too. And, in order that our ideas may flow well, we need to choose and place appropriate conjunction words that usually placed in the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence.
Furthermore, in order that our articles can appear in the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Etc., it is important that our writings can be recognized by search engines, or usually called as “search engine friendly”. By appearing in the first page of the search engine result, especially in the first three links of the page, the chance our article will be read by internet browser will be higher. 
I will discuss each of these five things of good writing, stated at the second paragraph above, in the next posts. Hope these will be useful for you. So, don’t forget to visit this blog again. See you.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hi, it's nice to see you again!

Bloggers, it's nice to see you again here at this blog. It's been a long time I didn't post anything since my study had made me quite busy more than six months. And now, it's time for me to say hello again to you all.

Many thanks for leaving some comments in my posts.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Masters Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

Masters thesis proposal does not have much difference with undergraduate thesis proposal. But, since masters thesis is in a higher level of education, it is expected more from the writer. However, in essence, the basic chapters and the main procedures will still be the same. This post will provide tips for writing such a thesis proposal.

Masters thesis proposal consists of four parts. These include the Introduction, the Methodology, the Literature Review part, and the Conclusion.

The Introduction part contains the main thesis statement that you wish to develop, the scope of the research, and the background of the topic. At this part, you should give reasons why you are interested to do the research, and explain why it is significant. Try to do your best at this part so that it could immediately capture the attention of the readers or the supervisors, so they can evaluate the importance of your thesis.

The next part in Masters Thesis Proposal is the methodology. At this part, explain how you will gather your data and what analysis methods you will use to create results, whether you will make experiments and produce raw data, or you will simply use other materials and resource files.

The third part of Masters Thesis Proposal is the Literature Review section. This section is quite important, because you will be finalizing the significance of the topic by relating to other materials. At this section, tell your readers or your supervisors where you will get your reviews and the sources of documents that you will use for the review, as well as executive summary writing.

The last part is the Conclusion. This section will only contain your assumption on the results of the research, since you have not conducted any research yet. Write your guesses as to what you expect to achieve from your research.

Before you make your proposal, make sure that you are really interested with the topic, you would be able to conduct the procedures needed in your research, and please answer this question: “How significant is your topic?”
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gold Price and Its History

Gold prices, and gold price, are all common terms usually used when people look for information about current gold prices and gold charts via the internet. Other terms usually used are price of gold, gold spot, and spot gold as well. By typing one or more of these gold price related terms on Yahoo!, Google, or other search engines, in just a few seconds we will soon get several information that can links us to relevant website of our choice after we press the enter key on the keyboard. It’s that simple. We know that. But, do you know the history of these terms? This post will briefly discuss it.

Gold Prices term being fixed began on September 12th 1919 originally by Sharps Wilkins, NM Rothchild & Sons, Samuel Montagu & Co., Pixley & Abell, Mocatta & Goldsmid. They were Gold Bullion Traders and Refiners of that time. Gold prices are currently fixed in U.S dollars, euros, as well as British pounds. Why the gold price is need to be set? The gold price is set, and designed, to provide a recognized rate that is used as a benchmark for the majority of gold products, current gold prices, and derivatives throughout the gold world's markets.

How many times and how to set the price of gold everyday? And, why there’s a phrase: “There are no flags, we’re fixed”? Find the more detail discussion on this issue here at the relevant website by clicking this phrase: “Gold Prices”! Good Luck.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Web Hosting for Small to Medium Businesses_Practical Guide

Web hosting is one of various important things needed by businesses when they need to expand their business worldwide through the internet. And, since web hosting has its crucial role in internet marketing, businesses should be careful when choosing a web hosting provider in order that their internet marketing becoming effective, safe, and efficient as well.

There are many web hosting providers that we can find through the internet. Most of them usually provide various choices of facilities or services. A reputable, reliable web hosting provider with superb web hosting services usually offers its customers with Linux or Windows dedicated servers, managed hosting solutions, colocation, domains, etc.

To you especially small to medium businesses, who want to fulfill your need related with internet matters, when you choosing a web hosting provider, please find out any information related with its services and facilities according to your need, at least any information I stated above. And, please also make sure its professional services, as well as the availability of its support team, phone number and live support, not just e-mail address, so that you can directly contact them when you find some troubles with their web hosting services. QMS ISO 9001 Certified, company’s long history and experience could be your other important consideration.

Dear readers, the existence of the internet, along with other computer technologies is literally enabling some developing countries to “leapfrog” the industrial revolution, and jump straight to the internet era, regardless of their location. Small to medium businesses have the same opportunity to expand their business worldwide through the internet.

I hope this simple practical guide will be able to give a big impact on your business success. Good luck.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

IELTS Outline

IELTS, pronounced “aɪɛlts”, is the abbreviation of International English Language Testing System. IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency that should be passed by non English speaking people who want to study or work in several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England, etc.

IELTS exam is usually divided into two versions. These are Academic Version and General Training Version. Academic version is intended to those who want to study, while General Training version is for any other purposes except to study, such as to work or for immigration purpose.

Unlike TOEFL exam, in IELTS exam, in addition to listening and reading tests, there are two more types of test, these are speaking test and writing test as well. Additionally, we can say here that there is no lucky factor in IELTS, because there are few models of multiple choice answers. 

Dear readers, this post is summarized from several sources. I didn't experience IELTS exam my self. I read IELTS references, then wrote this simple post here, since I need to pass IELTS exam in order that I can get a scholarship from a university in Australia this year. Did you ever experience such a test, buddy? Would you like to share? Please. Come!
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