Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ticket to The Jacko Sepulture, and The Beatles "Ticket to Ride"

Bloggers, I don’t know why, since The King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away last month, I really want to post anything about him. About his songs, his love for children, etc. And, this time I’m interested to write about tickets to his sepulture which its availability was so limited so that only lucky guys could get it since these tickets were distributed in a draw.

When I heard about the draw of the ticket, I then remember the lyrics of The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride”. By changing the word “girl” with “guy”, a part of the lyrics become like this:

I think I’m gonna be sad,
I think it's today, yeah.
The “guy” that's driving me mad is going away.

Bloggers, I’m gonna be sad because I’m not so sure I will get the free ticket. It is quite different compared with buying Yankees stadium Tickets, or buying Fenway Park Tickets to attend Paul McCartney Show at the stadium next August 5th - 6th, or buying Wrigley Field Tickets to see Elton John & Billy Joel Show this July 16th, 21st. Buying cheap tickets online here is easy, secure. We can also buy tickets via telephone for every event.

Bloggers, getting lost of exclusive events because of ticket unavailability can make us sad whether it is a concert, circus, musical, football, basketball, tennis tournament, etc. In this internet era, we can get ticket that suit with our budget easily. Find it out on the net. Never miss a thing.


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