Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Another Day in Paradise”, another Way to Charity.

Dear Bloggers, or whoever you are, do you still remember Phil Collin’s “Another day in paradise”? His most successful song released in 1989? I do still remember, since it’s the number one hit around the world at that time. And, it’s my favorite song too. Something makes me favor this song is its touching lyrics, as well as its tune. In this song, Phil Collins invites us to bring attention to the problem of homelessness, a problem that still exists so far. I really appreciated this lofty effort.

This Easter, when a friend of mine plays me the song, it reminds me to this problem of homelessness. Phil Collins was true. I think we should help those who lack adequate shelter. But, the question then is: “Is there an easier, gratify way to charity, particularly to help solving the problem of homelessness, since in this modern era we don’t have much time for charity activities? Can we donate them without time consuming? Can we donate the destitute while carry out our daily activities, i.e. while shopping?”

Encouraged by the lyrics of the song, I browsed the web, then, where I finally found the answer: “Yes. We can”. I found online shopping deals offering such an awesome program for charity, so that we can donate to charity in an easier, gratify way. How it works?

When we shop online, we can earn cash back rebates, the most cash back on the web. It means we earn money when we spending it. The more we shop, the more we earn. Shopping comparison is much possible here, since there are over 800 stores available, where we can check which stores online. At our request, they will send us a check for the amount we earned, or we can donate our cash back to charity of our choice. Or, we can opt to receive payments via PayPal. That’s what I call “gratify”, here.

If we want to help those who lack adequate shelter, we can donate our cash back to The Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing ministry. All people--regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or any other difference--to build simple, decent, affordable houses with those who lack adequate shelter, are welcome here.

Yes. While “There’s Another Day in Paradise”, there’s another way to Charity. Like that touching, isn’t it?

PS: Let me remind you the touching lyrics below:

She calls out to the man on the street
Sir, can you help me?
Its cold and I’ve nowhere to sleep,

Is there somewhere you can tell me?

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