Saturday, June 5, 2010

Window Boxes Planters and the Environment

Window Boxes, sometimes referred to as window flower boxes or flower boxes, are great for gardening in small spaces. We can place a window box on an area that actually does not allow us for planting, especially under a window. With the window boxes planters this problem can be overcome, so that we can plant flowers, vegetables on it.
When the flowers continue to grow, and start blooming, then we can closely see the beauty of the flowers which we plant our self. Moreover, we may feel the pride as we can create a more beautiful sight to our home.
Bloggers, do you understand that by planting flowers, vegetables, etc. we actually also contributing in saving our environment?
Dear Bloggers, please note that plants absorb carbon and produce oxygen. That means that the more plants, the more carbon being absorbed, and the more oxygen being produced. And, since carbon is the cause of global warming, reducing carbon means helping to save our environment. With the existence of window boxes, window plant boxes, as well as garden window boxes, we can contribute in saving our environment, although there are limited spaces available in our home.
So, start planting flowers in window boxes planters so that we can start contributing in saving our environment while we may enjoy flowers bloom under our windows.


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