Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gold Price Facts in the Last Ten Years

Price of gold trend in the last ten years is very astonishing. Compared with gold price in the year 2000 (+/-USD 300/oz), gold price on July 2010 increases more than 300% (+/- USD 1,250/oz). This fact is very different compared with its price trend during its previous ten years (1991 ~ 2000). Even if compared with its previous 20 years (1981 ~ 2000) which its price tend to decrease. According to a reliable source, price of gold in 1981 was about USD 500/oz, while in 1991 it was about USD 400/oz.

Spot gold, gold spot, gold prices, or gold price are common terms we can use to find gold prices or gold charts online using search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, etc. Want to prove it? Please, try! And you will find this astonishing fact: in the last ten years, gold price increases more than 300%. What does it means?

Gold price facts in the last ten years proven us that gold is the ultimate asset. Gold has survived in every economy situation. While global economy was in uncertain condition during the last decade, conversely, price of gold remain stable, even increased to more than three hundred percent. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, wanna try to own gold and enjoy the rise of the gold price in the future? Why not?


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