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I'm Indonesian with 3 daughters. I live in a little town Ambarawa in the Central Java, Indonesia. My house is near the Ambarawa Railway Museum. The distance is of about 3 kilo meters. 

I love Blogging to express my opinion on various topics, especially topics that are related to my work. Since I am an internal audit manager who responsible for several audit areas, include Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 Audit, Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 audit, Operational / Managerial Audit, as well as Financial Report Audit, as the result most of my Blog posts are related with these topics. Energy conservation is one the topics that I like. 

Beside working in an Indonesia's largest textile company, in the midst of my busyness, I have several activities such as social, religious, as well as non governmental organizations (NGOs) activities. The NGOs I follow are the Association of Indonesian Employers - Central Java (APINDO Jateng) as the member of Management Consultation Team, and the Central Java Industrial Energy Efficiency Community (Masyarakat Efisien Energy Industri - MEEI - Jawa Tengah). 

To support my Blogging activities, I had learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques from a reputable Indonesian SEO guru. That's why most of my Blogs succeed attracting plenty of visitors, and appear on page one in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

Beside learning SEO, I had learned on how to become a good copy writer too. I learned from several experts and read some books about Hypnotic Writing. These efforts has produced results, at least I can make money from making Blog posts, although making money online is not my ultimate goal. But, getting money from advertisers, according me, is a form of appreciation of other people for our performance. I'm very proud of this.

To improve my competency, especially in order that I can give a better management consultation service to our members, and our society as well, now I'll be trying to follow the lectures in the field of Master of Management. Making money online is an alternative way to earn money  in order to achieve this goal. That's why I increasingly love Blogging.

I have two websites, these are: www.mutuprima.weebly.com and www.stanleysutrisno.com. Feel free to visit.


Stanley Sutrisno.

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