Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What are Clothing Styles that Suit to Mrs. Obama?

Dear Bloggers, or whoever you are, since Mr. Barack Obama ever spent his childhood in Jakarta-Indonesia, as an Indonesian I ever thought of giving him, and his wife, a special present. I considered giving them some special clothing. Why clothing? This is the reason.

In Java society, particularly in The Central Java, Indonesia, there is a well known proverb says: “Ajining Saliro gumantung ana ing busana. Ajining dhiri gumantung ana ing lathi”. (I hope Mr. Barack Obama had ever heard this). In English, suppose it means: People will give you more respect at least for two reasons, i.e your words, and your clothing. In other word we can say: “You are what you say, and you are what you wear”.

Dear Bloggers, we all know about the ability of Mr. Barack Obama in addressing a speech, a ‘hypnotic’ speech. When he was finally elected as the president of the USA, then, that means that American peoples believe in what he says. “Mr Barack Obama is What Mr. Obama says”. In connection with “You are what you wear”, I then considered giving them some special clothing. That’s the reason. The question, then was how could I found such clothing that suit to The USA seasons, and clothing style that suit to his wife, Mrs. Barack Obama? It was a little bit challenge to me: choosing women clothing, while I am a man.

But, in fact, there were no difficulties for me to found it out. It was lucky me, as I got a friend telling me to browse a website, only one website address that guide me to shop, to locate special sizes, perfect outfits or just browse the current trends, easily. I called it a “Hypnotic Clothing Shop Website”. With the result I could choose many style of women clothing that suit to each season in America.

Dear Bloggers, Women Shearling coat for winter, women White Shirt for summer, Gray Suit for fall, as well as Alice Ritter dress for spring season are interesting women clothing I choose from this “Hypnotic Clothing Shop Website”. I considered, someday these special clothing would be my special present for Mrs. Obama. I want to see her and her husband as “They are what they wear” in addition to “They are what they say”. (Stanley's Blogging Site)


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