Friday, October 9, 2009

Direct TV and Macaco’s “Moving”

Direct TV and Macaco’s “Moving”? What’s the correlation?

Bloggers, Macaco, a musical band from Barcelona, Spain, in their song titled “Moving” wrote:

Moving, all the people moving,
one move for just one dream
We see
moving, all the people moving,
one move for just one dream

According me, Macaco is right, all people moving. They’re moving for many reasons, such as studying, business, job, etc. American people are moving too. They move from one city to another, from one place to another, from California to New York, from Texas to Florida, etc.

Since Directv had become part of American life, they could be don't want miss their Directv when they move to other city or other country. Say they move from California (CA) to New York (NY). To those who already subscribe Direct TV in CA, they probably won’t miss their Direct TV in NY, their new domicile.

In this modern era, wherever people living, it seems that they couldn’t be separated from television, since they need television programs such as sports, news, movies, etc., from international to local channels. In America, with Direct TV, these programs can be viewed in a quality HD picture.

Bloggers, here in Texas (TX) we can found Direct TV in TX, there in Florida (FL) we can found Direct TV in FL, and everywhere in America people can find Direct TV.

“Here, there, and everywhere”, do you know whose song is it? The Beatles! Yes, it is.


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