Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coffee Maker “Gone Too Soon”

Coffee maker had gone too soon from my kitchen and dining sets, hanging on to coattail The King of Pop Michael Jackson who has gone too soon too. My wife threw our coffee maker away since doctor restricted me not to drink coffee anymore last week, whereas this coffee maker had accompanied me in our dining room for several years. Beatific you are who may enjoy coffee without afraid of getting sick.

Beside coffee, doctor suggested me not to drink too much sugar as well. For this reason, I need to eat more sweet fruits since then. Fortunately, there has been a blender in my kitchen sets so that I have choices to enjoy fruits. We bought this blender and other kitchenware like Toaster Oven, Wine Glasses, Kitchen Knives, Pots and Pans, etc, when we got married several years ago. We bought it online, an ease of buying kitchenware available on this internet era. So far, all of these are still in good condition since my wife always maintains it well.

Dear Bloggers, the King of Pop Michael Jackson has gone too soon, like the title of one of his song “Gone Too Soon”. His demise last month has made us feeling sad. But, my doctor’s restriction, that I should not drink coffee anymore, had made me feeling blue, as my coffee maker has gone too soon too.


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