Friday, April 30, 2010

Where to Buy Musical Instruments for the "Green Musician"?

Guitar, one of several musical instruments available in my office, was the only “friend” accompanying me on April 22nd 2010, when people across the globe commemorate Earth Day. I decided not to go anywhere, since my coworkers told me that our plan to hold a seminar on April 27th 2010 was failed because of delayed, although we have been preparing the event more than two months.

As planned, this seminar will discuss the environmental laws launched by our government (Indonesia) in the end of the year 2009 (UU-LH No. 32 / 2009). A senior officer of the Deputy Four of the Ministry of Environment will be the keynote speaker. I felt so sad for the failure of the plan.

Knowing that I felt so sad, one of my coworkers comes up to me. And, in order to comfort me, he then played Michael Jackson’s video clip “Earth Song”, one of my favorite video clips. While the clip was running, he acted as if he is Jacko, the King of Pop. And, sometime, he acted as if he is a musician who is playing an electric bass guitar, too.

My coworker had been able to comfort me. I didn’t feel sad anymore.

“Hey, you've just acted like a pro musician, Buddy”, I said. “So, let’s buy musical instruments. We will commemorate Earth Day with our new musical instruments, for a new green earth”, I continued.

“Well, let's search the web where to buy musical instruments, Environment Activist.?” He named me as an Environment Activist.

"Okey, Green Musician.!" I replied.


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