Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Strollers and The Jacko’s “Neverland”

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop shocked the world with his demise last month. I really love most of his songs. In addition to his great songs, what makes me think a lot of Michael Jackson is his profound interest for little children, not aside from his own children. Apart from issues around his children, I respect him as he is a good parent. That’s why, when he passed away last month, we didn’t only missed a King of Pop, but, according me, we really also missed an example, a model of a parent, a human being who honestly loves children. The existence of his Neverland proves this.

The question then is: “What will we do now to show Michael Jackson that we love him too? Crying for his demise? Playing his music? Coming to his sepulture?” It’s OK! That’s good. But, according me, there’s one thing that we don’t have to forget, that is showing our care, love for children, especially for our children. I’m sure, Jacko will be happy when he sees parents take their baby on a baby stroller, or on a baby walker walking along a playground; a mother with a sounding sleep baby in her baby carrier do shopping in a mall; parents with their children dressed in infant and toddler clothing on their car seats go on traveling. Parents who love their children.

Michael Jackson had gone, and we will never see Michael Jackson with his children on his baby stroller or his booster seats again, but his name will always be reminded, since he gave the world many things, at least three great things: His songs, his Neverland, and his love for children.


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