Monday, October 5, 2009

Saving Environment While Donating Our Outwear Clothes

Saving Environment While Donating Our Outwear Clothes? How can?

When there’s a disaster happened like the powerful earthquake recently took place at West Sumatra-Indonesia, donating our outwear clothes to disaster victims is a dignify action. We know that. But, do you know that donating our unwanted clothes can help saving our environment, too? If you don’t know yet let me tell you the reasons.

Clothing can be harmful to the environment in several ways:

- Cotton Clothes. When pesticides are used in cotton production, the pesticides cause pollution and thus endanger the environment.
- Many processes involved in clothing production, such as irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, and bleaching and dyeing of processed textiles use an enormous amount of water and often lead to water pollution.
- Synthetic fibers based Clothes. Fossil fuels are used in the production of oil-based synthetic fibers (like nylon). While clothes are being transported and processed, they release carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
- Wool. When clothes are thrown away than donated or recycled, they end up in landfill. When in landfill, wool releases methane during its decaying process, contributing in climate change as well.

For these reasons stated above, donating our outwear clothes is a good, dignify action. Not only good to those in need, but good to our environment as well, since this action can reduce the usage of pesticides, water, fossil fuels, as well as methane.

Many more things we can do to save this planet earth, such as using organic health and beauty products, eating Green Food, wearing eco-fashion, and visiting eco-friendly destinations only. For more information and tips on how to save our environment that works with our budget, consider visiting a website I call it the “Green Website”, or click here!


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