Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Writing Tips

Writing articles or blog posts is a critical job that should be done by Bloggers. Blogging without writing articles is like a fish without water. Bloggers share their thoughts, ideas through their writings. But, what if no-one would like to read our blog posts as its writing quality is poor? If so, I think, it is useless to becoming a blogger. That’s why it is important to make good writings in our blog posts so that our blogging objectives can be attained. Here, I’ll share my opinions on how to make a good writing.
Good writing at least includes five things: introduction, content, organization, number of words, and conclusion. Other things, such as grammar, vocabulary, as well as mechanical accuracy, can be considered important, too. And, in order that our ideas may flow well, we need to choose and place appropriate conjunction words that usually placed in the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence.
Furthermore, in order that our articles can appear in the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Etc., it is important that our writings can be recognized by search engines, or usually called as “search engine friendly”. By appearing in the first page of the search engine result, especially in the first three links of the page, the chance our article will be read by internet browser will be higher. 
I will discuss each of these five things of good writing, stated at the second paragraph above, in the next posts. Hope these will be useful for you. So, don’t forget to visit this blog again. See you.


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