Friday, May 27, 2011

Masters Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

Masters thesis proposal does not have much difference with undergraduate thesis proposal. But, since masters thesis is in a higher level of education, it is expected more from the writer. However, in essence, the basic chapters and the main procedures will still be the same. This post will provide tips for writing such a thesis proposal.

Masters thesis proposal consists of four parts. These include the Introduction, the Methodology, the Literature Review part, and the Conclusion.

The Introduction part contains the main thesis statement that you wish to develop, the scope of the research, and the background of the topic. At this part, you should give reasons why you are interested to do the research, and explain why it is significant. Try to do your best at this part so that it could immediately capture the attention of the readers or the supervisors, so they can evaluate the importance of your thesis.

The next part in Masters Thesis Proposal is the methodology. At this part, explain how you will gather your data and what analysis methods you will use to create results, whether you will make experiments and produce raw data, or you will simply use other materials and resource files.

The third part of Masters Thesis Proposal is the Literature Review section. This section is quite important, because you will be finalizing the significance of the topic by relating to other materials. At this section, tell your readers or your supervisors where you will get your reviews and the sources of documents that you will use for the review, as well as executive summary writing.

The last part is the Conclusion. This section will only contain your assumption on the results of the research, since you have not conducted any research yet. Write your guesses as to what you expect to achieve from your research.

Before you make your proposal, make sure that you are really interested with the topic, you would be able to conduct the procedures needed in your research, and please answer this question: “How significant is your topic?”


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